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Code Base - Github

No account is necessary to locally clone / download the repository.

To submit code changes:

  • Having a Github account allows you to create a personal fork of the main Visomics repository.
  • Push any new commits to your personal fork as uniquely-named branch.
  • Submit a pull request with your new commits / branch to the main Visomics repository.
  • The Visomics development administrators will review and merge your commits into the main repository.
    • Even if you don't merge the changes yourself, your name will always remain attached to each of the commits, so you get credit.
    • If you need direct write access to the main Visomics repository, send an email to

Build Instructions

Git Workflow

Bug Tracking - Mantis

The bug tracker is viewable anonymously.

To report an issue, you must have an account with Mantis. Anyone with such an account can report issues to Visomics (make sure you have the correct project selected).

Testing - CDash

A CDash test server is running at:

Dashboard setup

Test Baseline Generation


Plot colors


In general we will be coding using the appropriate QT/[VTK]/ITK style guides.


  • Architecture
  • Components
Components Required in the Tool
Data Structures Analysis Visualization Preprocessing
Status Element Status Element Status Element Status Element
x vtkTable x PCA x Volcano x log 2
x Pathway Diagrams  ? SAM  ? Heat Map  ? Housekeeping
R ANOVA 1/2 Cluster x Quantile
R MANOVA x Ring x Filtering
R K Means x Tabular
R Chi Squared x Microarray Image
 ? Fold Change
R Student T
 ? Path Analysis

InfoVis / Titan Information